Friday, February 27, 2009

(semi-) lost in Lost

So, I'm not the huge mythology viewer but get some needed help via re-caps etc (Doc Jensen at EW and Jen and Liz at Wash Post Lost Central) but a couple questions that haven't really seen addressed from "Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" or whatever the exact title is:

1) The flash on the plane and "disappearance" of the O6 (minus freaky boy Aaron): Locke and Ben not caught up in the flash. Ben makes sense as an Other, but does Locke not time-traveling with the O6 (MFBA) have more to do with him being "dead" or being special?

And if the woman the pilot took off in the boat with is Sun, why didn't she disappear with the Big Guy with the Curly Hair etal?

2) Ben killing John. Obvious point -- strangling is the most intimate (poor word choice but I believe it is usually "friends", DV cases etc where strangling is mode of murder) way to kill someone. Second, if Ben knew that John knew that he needed to die, seems as if the master manipulator could have easily convinced John the Mostly Gullible to get back up on the table with the noose.

(In fact, after seeing the tease from the week before with what appeared to be Ben in the room with Locke, I posited that Ben was enlisted to help John commit suicide because the Island otherwise wouldn't let him). But again, I'm an amateur.

3) Love the guy from Three Kings. Can't wait for the Mark Wahlberg cameo.

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